Demoscene Party Management



O = Organet
P = PartyNet

2011-01-05 - v1.5.3
Small maintenance release to reflect the changes made for
the Ultimate Meeting 2010
- Style fixes for PartyNet
- Fixed rendering issues with 1080p slides
- Fixed escaping bug with SiegMeister
- Added a search for the accounting tool
- Fixed time display in the accounting tool
- Fixed a bug in the Organet entry preview popup
- Fixed a couple of bugs in the FoodWave feature
- Added FancyBox preview to the beamslides

2010-12-12 - v1.5.2
Small maintenance release to fix a couple of bugs and annoyances
- Added a "Remote Entry" flag for competition entries
- Fixed a bug with the release upload
- Various fixes for the FoodWave feature
- A couple of fixes with 1024 and 1080p slide rendering

2010-08-04 - v1.50
The first official release in almost five years
Nearly every bit of code has been refactored and tons of
bugs have been fixed and countless features have been added

Features worth mentioning:
- Accounting system
- Support for different beamslide-resolutions
- Merged Organet and Partynet in one single package
- Replaced BOOBS with SCREENS

2006-09-10 - v1.10RC1 (internal)
- UPD: framework-core / starting to refine everything ;) (O/P)
- UPD: adapted every template to the new core (O/P)
- ADD: new voting.class allows easy access to all the rankings (O/P)
- ADD: Method to render all the prizegiving-slides as png's (O)
- FIX: Password-check no longer strips slashes (O)
- ADD: Generalizing BeamControl-Interface
- ADD: Installer (O/P)
- ADD: Litebox as replacement for image-popups (P)
- ADD: Checkbox to mark a specific food-item for ordering (O)
- ADD: Pagination (O)
- ADD: Better error-handling
- FIX: Adding/Editing a seminar and/or foodwave doesn't generate new
       timetable slides (O)
- FIX: Many small bugs and inconsistencies (O/P)

2006-04-14 - v1.05 (internal)
- FIX: bug in the streaming-server-module
- FIX: ftp-upload bug
- FIX: various small stuff I forgot ;)

2005-12-17 - v1.04 (internal)
- CHG: Renamed releases-filename to 
       <author>-<title>.<extension> (O)
- FIX: bug while generating the "participants"-slide (O)
- FIX: uploading the streaming.mp3 (O)
- FIX: uploading the releases to the ftp (O)
- FIX: bug with anonymous competitions in results.txt (O/P)
- FIX: bug with anonymous competitions in results.php and
       releases.php (P)
- FIX: recognizing the correct download-method in results.php (P)
- FIX: Typo in register.php (P)
- FIX: bug with Firefox 1.5 and the WYSIWYG editor (O)
- FIX: the "more" link on the news-page is only displayed if there is
       err more stuff :)
- ADD: Better support for generating the results.txt
  You can now specify a header/footer and a divider template
- ADD: automatic conversion of blockascii and blockansi files to png
  (used to convert the results.txt/nfo to png) (O)

2005-10-19 - v1.03
- Fixed bug in slidemeister.class (table-rendering) (O)
- Fixed wrong order in results.txt (O)
- Fixed bug in SiegMeister, where compos with just just one
  entry failed to show (O)
- Fixed bug in Votes, where the filter was not applied the first time
- Fixed bug in, where the themes were named
  incorrectly (P)

2005-07-20 - v1.02
- Added support for classic-style voting (1st, 2nd, 3rd) (O/P)
- Fixed a typo in PartyNet (P)
- Added our license to every (source)file (O/P)

2005-07-19 - v1.01
- Removed HTMLArea support (O/P)
- Now using a stripped down version of JSCalendar (O/P)
- Now using a stripped down version of TinyMCE (O/P)
- Check for max_filesize and known image-types in sec_entry.php (P)
- Changed "slidemeister" config-variables to "party" (O/P)
- Added sm_slide_tests.php for previewing all editable beamslides (O)
- Restructured the shared folder to be less irritating :)
- Relocated all needed files for creating the beamslides to
  /mediapool/templates (O)
- Added p_config table to avoid redundancies in (O/P)
  Configuration-values can be edited in "Organet > Administration
  > Configuration"
- Added configuration-options to toggle the display of "Seminars"
  and "Food-Orders" on the "My Party"-page. (O/P)
- Removed unused options in PlaylistMeister (O)
- Removed unused options in Compo-Entry-Manager (O)
- Packaged alternative fonts to demonstrate SlideMeister (O/P/B)
- Added configuration-option for streaming-support (O)
- Releases are only shown in PartyNet AFTER the voting-deadline (P)
  (and after the configuration-options is switched to 1 ;)
- Fixed character-encoding for the ftp up- and download (O/P)
- Extract font-familiy and font-face from fonts inside the
  PartyMeister font-directory (O)
- Updated beamslide-templates (O/P)
- SiegMeister customization is now possible (O/B)
- Many fixes and configuration improvements

2005-07-01 - v1.00 (internal)
- Initial Release

What is it?

PartyMeister is a complete intranet and beamsystem solution for Demoparties. Click here to get a general overview.

Who uses it?

Originally developed for the Ultimate Meeting, PartyMeister has been used at Breakpoint 2005-2010 and many other parties.
Read more about our users here!


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