Demoscene Party Management

Organet Features

  • CMS-Features
    • News
    • Polls
    • Downloads

    • Message-System
      The Message-System can be used for visitor/orga and visitor/visitor communication. Message-Groups can be created to suit a large organizing-staff. Therefore, every orga-group (Competitions, BeamTeam, etc.) can have their own group with messages that only concerns them.

  • Party-Features
    • Accounting
      Manage and monitor the cash flow of your party with multiple accounts. Does also feature an electronic cash register with support for multiple points of sales.

    • Timetable-Management
      Categorize your events. Fully integrated into the beamsystem (you change the timetable, the beamslides and the PartyNet are automatically updated).

    • Competition-Management
      Manage all your competitions. Compos can be flagged as anonymous (no group/author will be shown), gfx or music (for automatic playing in the beamsystem and/or streaming-server support). Automatic FTP-Upload of all entries (optional). All compo-beamslides are generated here.

    • Compo-Options
      For creating user-applicable compatibility-charts. These help the compo-organizers to presort and categorize the entries for all individual competitions. Also, the selected options are shown in the beamslides.

    • Entry-Management
      Multi-file upload - no more juggling cd's and floppy-disks with unreadable entry-names on them. Every uploaded entry gets an unique ID, that the author can (and should) use for entries that are too big to upload. Specifying a "final-file" per entry helps to keep the release-archive complete.

    • Realtime Voting-System
      Votes can be monitored in real-time. Manual input is also possible (if you decide to allow paper-voting).

      PartyMeister features two voting-styles:

      • Classic-Style voting
        The standard 1st, 2nd, 3rd style voting.

      • tUM-Style voting (also used at Breakpoint since 2005)
        As opposed to the classic voting (1st, 2nd, 3rd), you can vote for every entry individually with points ranging from -1 (SUCKS) to 5 (RULEZ).

    • Votekey-Generation
      Generate all your votekeys directly in PartyMeister. Includes CSV-Export for printing purposes.

    • Oneliner
      View and manage all onliner-messages (if you want).

    • Rides
      Give your visitors the possibility to beg others for a ride home or share their 10-seat van (not yet finished).

    • Who's here
      See who's here, kick out duplicates or just leave it alone :)

    • Visitors
      Manage the user-accounts of all your visitors. You can reset the votekey for every user, too.

    • Seminars
      As seen at breakpoint 2005. Manage seminars with user-subscription.

    • Food-Support
      Manage all the things you sell at the party (food, drinks, shirts, etc.).

    • Food-Waves
      If you visited the last tUM-Parties, you certainly know the nice PizzaWave-Feature. This is fully integrated in PartyMeister and ready for you to use. Features shopping-cart-like ordering.

    • Automatic FTP-Upload
      If you have a Party-FTP running, all releases are uploaded to the FTP-Server by the time you allow voting for the individual competition.

    • Prizegiving with SiegMeister
      Animated slides with all the winners of the competitions are automatically generated from the voting-results. The slides are played with SCREENS, our beamsystem.

    • Streaming of the Music Compos (with special Server)
      If you like, we can help you install an Icecast streaming-server. If your music-compo organizers provide mp3-files of all entries, these are automatically uploaded to the streaming-server. PartyMeister manages the rest.

  • Beamsystem
    • Slide-Manager
      Upload beamslides for use in SCREENS. You can use various gfx-formats (atm. just png and jpg). Categorize them for easier overview. PlayNOW-Feature to instantly show a slide on the bigscreen.

    • PlaylistMeister
      Here you can manage the stuff, that will be seen on the bigscreen. Create playlist with hundreds of items (if you like). Once automatically generated, the playlists for the competitions are also available here. You can manage up to unlimited different bigscreens and fill them individually (unlimited computers needed tho').

    • SlideMeister
      Generate your own beamslides. Chose between different font-styles, sizes and colors. Create tables or just normal text.

    • StyleMeister
      Generate font-styles (with ttf-fonts) for use in SlideMeister. Drop-shadow support inclusive.

  • Administrative Features
    • User / Group Management
      Manage different user-groups with different rights. Every group can be created independently and every user can have special-rights to suit a specific task (e.g. a Beam-Orga can have access to the CMS-News feature without being in the CMS-group).

    • Message-Groups
      Before you can use the message-system correctly, you have to create message-groups and assign them to the individual users. Also, all registered party-visitors are grouped as "Visitors". That way, you can send a message to all the guests at once (yes, yes - you can also use the news-feature, but that's just for sissies).

What is it?

PartyMeister is a complete intranet and beamsystem solution for Demoparties. Click here to get a general overview.

Who uses it?

Originally developed for the Ultimate Meeting, PartyMeister has been used at Breakpoint 2005-2010 and many other parties.
Read more about our users here!


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