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  1. Configuring SCREENS-Servers
  2. Using SCREENS from the Beam-PC
  3. Using SCREENS from OrgaNet

1. Configuring SCREENS-Servers

There's a navigation-item called SCREENSControl within OrgaNet (Beamsystem > SCREENSControl). Here you can configure as many SCREENS-Servers as you like. A SCREENS-Server is nothing more than the IP-address and the port of your Beam-PC.
In order to recognize the correct machine, all SCREENS-Servers must be registered here.
It never hurts to have a second Beam-PC for testing purposes.

2. Using SCREENS from the Beam-PC

If you're standing in front of the Beam-PC, you can use SCREENS from there.
There are times, when you WANT to use SCREENS that way. For example during the competitions or the Prizegiving-Ceremony.

Here are the keyboard-shortcuts:

Key Function
RIGHTARROW Softskip to the next slide
SHIFT+RIGHTARROW Hardskip to the next slide
LEFTARROW Softskip to the previous slide
SHIFT+LEFTARROW Hardskip to the previous slide
ALT+F4 Quit SCREENS and restart

3. Using SCREENS from OrgaNet

You'll have access to SCREENS at the following OrgaNet-Locations:

  • Beamsystem > Manage Playlists
    This will be the place, from where you use SCREENS most of the times.
    One of the most important things is selecting the SCREENS-Server. You can configure as many SCREENS-Servers as you like. It may be a good idea to set-up a identical Beam-PC for testing purposes. It never hurts to preview a competition-playlists before showing it live on the bigscreen :)

    The next important thing here is the upload of the playlists. Please note, that uploading a playlist before actually playing is mandatory! If your Playlist (normal or competition) has been uploaded, you can click on PlayNOW to play it. Playlists loop by default.
    Also, you can control most of SCREENS' functions, like hard- and softskips here. There's also an option to crash SCREENS (to force a reload of the program). Please use this, if you experience problems, and are not present at the Beam-PC itself.

    Last but not least, you can access SiegMeister from here. SiegMeister is the PartyMeister-Module for the prizegiving-ceremony. But please use this with care, because you surely don't want to display the current voting-results during the middle of the party :)

  • Beamsystem > Slides
    Every slide has a "PlayNOW" button. And PlayNOW does exactly that :) Please note, that slides, that are called using that button, stay on screen until you do either a soft- or a hardskip.
    This is useful for displaying critical information such as "Compo X delayed" or something like that.
    It has certainly proven useful in the last years.

What is it?

PartyMeister is a complete intranet and beamsystem solution for Demoparties. Click here to get a general overview.

Who uses it?

Originally developed for the Ultimate Meeting, PartyMeister has been used at Breakpoint 2005-2010 and many other parties.
Read more about our users here!


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